Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge


Think “Lorena Bobbitt” meets “Jaws” and I believe you will have the image of what happened

Revenge isn’t something we actively seek out, but when the stars align

There’s “I told you so” revenge from fired employees, and then there is such blatant revenge like these examples

Reddit has several sub-Reddits about all types of revenge…

Even musicians have ways to exact revenge on those that cross them…

Cracked used to be a bi-monthly humor magazine out to rival MAD Magazine. Cracked lost the publication war & folded in 2007, but has revived itself as a sort of “BuzzFeed” or “clickbait” article hub. MattyV recently saw this article on revenge that fits the theme…

Here’s the GIF of the Creature from the Black Lagoon Dan the Man had mentioned…


Real Porn Titles (Do a Google search for the actual porn titles, we ain’t linking them here!):

“Robocock” (also known as “Robocock:The Fucking Machine”) – Parody of “Robocop

“Blown in 60 Seconds” – Parody of “Gone in 60 Seconds

“Lawrence of My Labia” – Parody of “Lawrence of Arabia

“Rimming in the Rain” – Parody of “Singing in the Rain

“Wanker Man” – Parody of “Anchorman

“White Men Can’t Hump” – Parody of “White Men Can’t Jump

“Edward Penishands” – Parody of “Edward Scissorhands

“Saturday Night Beaver” – Parody of “Saturday Night Fever

“The Porn Identity” – Parody of “The Bourne Identity

“Grinding Nemo” – Parody of “Finding Nemo


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