Pizza! Pizza!, City Slickers, & Snowflakes

Pizza! Pizza!, City Slickers, & Snowflakes

If you’re a bit insensitive and can’t handle commentary on a very harsh label, you might not want to watch this video. We can say, however, it’s a pretty interesting commentary…

Dan the Man mentioned this video of Adam Carolla speaking on Capitol Hill about kids growing up immature in the name of “protection”.

Back in 2013, the website “Elite Daily” published an article with 10 reasons why Generation Y is soft…

PizzaPizza! was the cry back in the 1980’s from Little Caesars, both boys remember those wonderful white sleeves that encapsulated 2 pizzas on a cardboard tray.

Here’s the unedited video from the “Tana meets iDubbbz” commentary…

Here’s how to bullsh*t on your resume, but there are pitfalls in doing so

The basic premise of MattyV’s claymation project was a couple of prisoners escaped from prison, stole a jeep, plowed through a flock of chickens, & ended with a shoot-out with the police. All of the action was done to the song, “Jailbreak ’74” by AC/DC. MattyV loved working with video in art class and really showed his ability to both create and direct…

This isn’t the exact clip from “City Slickers”, but it’s still relevant to the conversation we had…

MattyV really recommends Bruce Campbell’s book, “If Chins Could Kill, Confessions of a B-Movie Actor“. Great behind-the-scenes stories of “Evil Dead”, “Brisco County, Jr.” among others…

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