Missing: Common Sense (uncut)

Missing: Common Sense (uncut)

Things have gone crazy at the monkey factory recently, so here is a completely uncut/unrefined podcast (as if this podcast was ever “refined”…) with all the coughs, mic wobbles, & f*ck-ups…

From watching shows like “Live:PD” & “Parking Wars” on A&E, it seems like common sense has gone out the window. An episode showing a gentleman getting a ticket for parking in front of a fire hydrant, complains that there was no sign telling him he couldn’t park in front of a fire hydrant. Isn’t that still taught in drivers training & on the license renewal tests? Or episodes of “Live:PD” where there are police in pursuit, NO OTHER VEHICLES STOP OR PULL OVER. Again, isn’t this taught in drivers training anymore???

We’ve heard of chicken feathers, ingredients for plastic, and false rumors of fried rat, but now we have a mouse-in-a-bun from Chick-Fil-A. This one may have traction seeing as how it is obvious the mouse was baked right into the bun…

A defensive end for the Cowboys almost lost a nipple when his nipple ring was ripped out during practice…

This is why you don’t travel to Mexico for vacation. 36% of the alcohol consumed in Mexico is illegal, we’re talking lead-solder copper still/bathtub gin-type shit. And don’t think staying at a well-appointed resort will save you, one woman ended up brain dead after consuming alcohol AT A RESORT!!!!!

All kinds of fucked up. With the internet/social media scene in high gear, people are opening restaurants I think to allow others to “be cool/hip” by posting pics of themselves and their “exotic” food choices. From restaurants that only serve cereal or PB&J, now a famous chef is opening a Cheetos-themed restaurant

Fuck you, Ashley Judd. Seems like she needed a little career boost, so she called out an airport worker on Facebook Live for calling her “sweet heart” and complimenting her dress…

This person is a real “Banksy”, I guess we can be thankful that our education system still works in some way since they spelled the words correctly…

This shit is getting too far out of hand, a semen cocktail & cookbook? Nasty…

Forget West Coast Rap, East Coast Rap, or even the Dirty South, Backwoods Rap is where it’s at…


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