Bitter, much?

Bitter, much?

Pauly Shore is probably most well-known as “The Weasel” from his days on MTV which kick-started a short movie career in the early-to-mid-nineties. In recent years he has leased his mansion overlooking Hollywood & does stand-up comedy gigs in small towns across the country. A documentary from a few years ago shows a different Pauly than the lovable goof from the MTV days. The documentary focuses on a short tour he did in the Wisconsin/Minnesota area in small clubs (really small clubs) and only slight touches on issues with his mother’s failing health and the need to move her into a smaller home. Very little is shared as far as his stand-up routine, but as you can see it is very raunchy and sad. Unlike Jim Breuer’s “More Than Me“, where Jim breaks down what its like to care for an elderly parent as a traveling comedian.

Ron Jeremy, Chyna, & Vern Troyer among others had found a 2nd celebrity spotlight on the short-lived VH1 series, “The Surreal Life”

Gallagher had the world on a string in the late-70’s and early 80’s with his brand of physical/political/observational humor. Thanks to the early days of HBO and the advent of VHS, his reach across America was great. But as the comedy wave moved on to more vulgar comedians (Andrew “Dice” Clay, Denis Leary, etc.), his comedy became more bitter & sarcastic even to the point of alienating his audience as he calls out hecklers and people not paying attention to his show.

When getting a tattoo, keep in mind the consequences

Cracked has an article from a few years ago that shared 6 musicians who created albums just to say “F*ck You”. We knew of 2 out of the list…

MattyV found this comedy video meant to mock what has transpired so far in the White House since last fall as if it were happening in a corporation…

The Girl Scouts are pissed that the Boy Scouts are attempting to recruit girls into their organization. And yet the Boy Scouts were at the center of a fight where 6 girls in California wanted to join a local BSA troop. Is it the BSA’s fault???

Someone created a map which shows the most-hated food in each state. Michigan hates cold pizza while Texas hates well-cooked steaks.

How did the “Totality Eclipse” affect the internet? Xhamster reported a 40% drop in traffic during the hours of the eclipse…

What do you do for firefighters that saved your piglets from a barn fire 6 months prior? Hand them sausages made from said pigs

A school in Berlin was sick of prostitutes soliciting/doing drugs/sh*tting(!) on their campus that they had to erect an “anti-prostitute” fence to keep them out…


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