You’re an A*s, Man!

You’re an A*s, Man!


Did you know that Barry Manilow & David Letterman were considered for the part of failed pilot Ted Stryker from the movie, “Airplane!”?

Julie Hagerty was always a thin woman (freakishly thin) and although attractive, didn’t do it for MattyV…

The title for today’s podcast came from a routine by comedian Rodney Dangerfield, one of the great self-deprecating comics who ever lived…

“Sorry, not sorry” is the rally of Kathy Griffin in her bid to remain relevant. She has rescinded her apology for the photo shoot of herself holding the severed head of the current US president.

People can be a*sholes, some even try to justify it in some fashion that only makes sense to themselves…

I tend to believe Best Buy, they aren’t hurricane profiteers nor a wholesaler of merchandise




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