Show Me Ur Bobs

Show Me Ur Bobs

** Please note – the contest mentioned on today’s pod has been suspended until further notice. The gang has had some things happen that need to be addressed first. When the contest resumes, we will let you know. Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@junkiosity) and on Facebook ( to be updated and entered to win when we announce the contest! **

Back in the day a woman’s (or man’s) fear when taking nude photos/videos were if the photo-mat people made copies of the pics or the video was duped a million times and ended up on a basic cable channel somewhere(“Sixteen Candles” reference). Facebook wants to help fight “revenge porn” by having people upload their nude photos to their site…

Sia was recently blackmailed by someone who had nude photos of her, so what does she do? Posts the preview photo she was sent on her Twitter feed…

Larry David (“Seinfeld”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”) caught grief for his remarks during his hosting of “Saturday Night Live” about the holocaust…

If you don’t belong to the Facebook group “The Dumb” (a Psychostick fan group), don’t join. It will suck all your time reading all the memes/videos/jokes and you’ll hurt from laughing so hard. Here’s the snake video, MattyV laughed his ass off. I found out about the “Bobs & Vagene” meme from those guys…

If you’re a “Dead Head” like MattyV, hopefully you’ve started downloading the MP3s from this year’s “30 Days of Dead” where they offer up rare live performances of songs from Grateful Dead each year…

So, lemme get this straight – you desert your post, get captured, 6 soldiers die trying to find/rescue you, the president released a ton of terrorists to get you back, you’re found guilty of desertion, busted down to private, dishonorably discharged, & now you might get $300K plus back pay (including combat/prisoner of war pay)? WTF…

Rabid fandom is a fickle thing. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. But crashing a natural history museum’s website trying to buy a hoodie worn on a Netflix series? Wow…

Our second pizza candidate is Pizza Ranch, we tried to go as similar as possible to our base pizza. Little Caesar’s is still on top according to our calculations.


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