Dammit, Dan!

Dammit, Dan!


The Consumer Safety Group has unveiled their “Worst Toys of 2017” list, some are pretty far-fetched in our opinion…

Fortune Magazine has an article on some of the hardest-to-find toys this holiday season, basically saying that you’re gonna get a*s-raped by scalpers if you need one of these toys by Christmas…

MattyV recommends starting these now so you have time to build up credit for next year’s holiday shopping season:

  • Make use of your bank’s “rewards” program if they have one (if they don’t, go to a bank that does). Basically works like credit card rewards, only you can use your debit card. Purchases on average can generate 10-30 reward points each, leave them be and after 2 years you could have enough to buy some pretty sweet gift cards or other merchandise.
  • Gas stations/convenience stores may have their own rewards program giving you points for purchasing gas or other in-store purchases. If you go once a week, you could get enough points in a year to buy a couple of $25 gift cards.
  • MyPoints.com is a great website for online purchases through major retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, & eBay. Go through the MyPoints site to the website you want to purchase from and receive points for every dollar spent (usually 2-3 points per dollar). For as little as 3500 points you can get a $25 gift card.
  • Bing is a great way to gather points, doing the daily searches you can earn enough for a gift card or Xbox live subscription in a matter of months.


The “Moleskin Pants” gift exchange is a real story…

Something Awful had not one, not two, but three different threads about the worst Christmas gifts…

Someone did a piss-poor job of recording the TV scene at Lorraine’s house from “Back to the Future”, but at least you can see Matty’s reference from the podcast…

On NBC, Matty found the Mainway Toys skit from SNL…

Ben Heck has built a career on YouTube by shrinking down consoles or making things better…

Poor Toby, bought a Princess Unicorn for his daughter but…


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