Those Network Blues

Those Network Blues


Netflix and other streaming services are trying (and succeeding) to compete with network & cable television by producing their own shows. What they are finding out is that just like a network company, they aren’t immune to Hollywood’s ills…

Danny Masterson has been fired from the Netflix show, “The Ranch”, amid allegations of rape. Thing is, at least one of the allegations was investigated by police back in 2000 and closed without incident. He’ll be screwed if he signed a “morals clause”

We know that Kevin Spacey has been fired from “House of Cards” and Netflix recently announced that the show will continue without his character. Writers are scrambling for a storyline to finish off the final season of the series.

Louis CK screwed himself (no pun intended) through sexual allegations from women claiming he masturbated in front of them. His 2nd Netflix special was scrapped, a film starring the comedian will not be released, & HBO removed him from their “Night of Too Many Stars” and have removed all of his projects/shows from their on-demand service.

Amazon isn’t immune, their show “Transparent” starring Jeffrey Tambor is up in the air as more information surfaces about his sexual encounters with cast members & even his assistant. Amazon isn’t being as “knee-jerk” as Netflix, it seems as though they want to see where things shake out before making a commitment such as firing the actor. The show apparently could survive without him, and one of the cast members said it may be better without him.

At a time when the country is rife with sexual assault allegations in Hollywood, the capitol is rocked as well with allegations against Al Franken, John Conyers, & Roy Moore. It came out that the government paid $100,000 in tax-payers’ dollars to settle sexual harrassment allegations regarding disgraced Congressman Eric Massa. OUR TAX DOLLARS PAID TO QUIET SEXUAL HARRASSMENT CLAIMS FROM GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES!

Back in the day when you bought a Saturn, they made it a big deal. Your photo would end up on the wall of Saturn owners. Then the company was bought by General Motors, and the uniqueness & “No Haggle Pricing” got lost until ultimately the brand was shut down…

Here’s the Samuel L. Jackson scene from “Pulp Fiction”, be careful it’s NSFW…

When isn’t it a good time for Jon LaJoie? (NSFW)

“What’s a ZJ?” “If you have to ask big man, you can’t afford it…

Originally an “Oprah’s Book Club” selection (which means automatic best-seller), much of the memoir turned out to be fiction…

Is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie? If it isn’t a Christmas movie, then neither is “It’s a Wonderful Life“…

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