The Junkiosity Christmas Commentary

The Junkiosity Christmas Commentary


Today we added commentary to the episode, “Anatomy Park“, from the cult series “Rick & Morty“.

What do you do? Visit the links and listen along as we talk, joke, & talk about random stuff at the end of the podcast.

The show was born out of a series of web comics developed by Justin Roiland entitled “The Real Adventures of Doc & Mharti“. At some point there was a cease & desist ordered due to the name, so it was eventually changed to “Rick & Morty”.

Two favorite episodes are the commercial/TV show parody episodes “Rixty Minutes” & “Inter-dimensional Cable 2”. These are off-the-cuff ramblings, which are hilarious…

“Jerry’s Game”, a real-life app for iOS & Android was a game played by Jerry Smith in the episode, “Something Ricked This Way Comes“…

Just remember – “Because Boobs“… (NSFW)

We hope you and yours has a joyous holiday from the both of us at Junkiosity!


REMEMBER – once we get to 50 non-scamming twitter followers there will be a drawing for a mystery box of cool stuff! So follow us and get your friends to do the same! Win free stuff!


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