The Digital Dark Age


The Digital Dark Age

MTV ruined several songs for us back in the early 1990’s with their constant airplay (every hour & twice during TRL!) such as:

“One” – Metallica

“Unforgiven (extended)” – Metallica

“Dangerous” – Michael Jackson

“Black or White” – Michael Jackson


Scientists warn that our digital content can become irretrievably lost because there is no physical copies available.

If you believe you have Crohn’s Disease, might want to have a scope done on your intestines. This woman had a Heinz ketchup packet lodged in her intestine that caused her to mimick symptoms of Crohn’s…

With the Disney-Fox merger, one Marvel franchise might not come with it…

Want to own a massage parlor in South Korea (Winter Olympics, y’all!)? You better be visually-impaired

I understand if you gotta take a sh*t, but that’s not a reason to go that fast on Texas highways...

Amazon may be buying Target, bringing their “brick & mortar” vision to a quick reality…

Speaking of reality, there still is a “Sopranos” reality tour that takes you some of the key locations from the series.

California is the latest state to legalize recreational marijuana, which allows out-of-state visitors to purchase it. Michigan may be next (it will be on the ballot for 2018)…

Iceland becomes first country to outlaw pay disparity between men & women. We totally support paying someone for their skills regardless of sex…

Sad but encouraging to know that most venison killed by hunters doesn’t go to waste, nor does it remain a luxury staple for the rich…

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