And so…

And so…

I messed up. The raw footage for today’s podcast is long-lost to the ether, deleted by accident. At least here are some of the talking points we made during that pod…


We mourn the loss of ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke, guitarist for Motorhead & founding member of Fastway.

First it was leniency on sexual orientation. Then leniency on tattoos. Now physical standards are finding leeway when it comes to joining the armed forces because physically-fit recruits are hard to find…

An airline (that doesn’t exist) is in need of flight attendants for their Vegas-to-Area-51 route (which doesn’t exist)…

Physically able to work and on Medicaid? Get ready to work/volunteer/educate yourselves thanks to the government allowing states the requirement for Medicare recipients.

Walmart throws its employees a bone thanks to the huge tax cut from the government. “Trickle-down economics” at work?? On the flipside, they’re closing a bunch of Sam’s Club stores. Coincidence?

An acting school that “conveniently” shut-down last year? 4 accusers are students of the former school? Come on, James

If you don’t know who Matty Matheson is, you need to find out

And you think Costco couldn’t get any more awesome… The story behind the $1.50 hot dog combo

The “Tide Pods” meme is getting old and it just recently started…


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  1. […] has been found! The podcast originally scheduled for Jan 16th has been found in a far corner of one of our external hard drives. We present to you this lost […]

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