Sunday Cinema – Changing a Tire



This month we are doing a sort of PSA on skills that you may want to pick up in the new year. Everyone talks about reading more, or exercising more, or saving money but no one chooses practical skills. So enjoy this month of new skills to learn!

There are now “parties” where you can go and drink wine while learning how to sew a button or bleach your clothes. We’ve become such a consumer-focused society that we would rather throw something out rather than fix it or call a professional instead of handling minor issues that with a little time and research can be done ourselves.

One thing that we rely too much on is roadside assistance when we get flat tires or need a jumpstart. The folks at Howdini have many helpful videos on doing everything from baking cakes to taking care of a new puppy.

This video has close to 1.5 million views, so I think it’s pretty informative. If you’ve seen the photo floating around of the person who used everything from a crowbar to a chisel in order to remove their tire (makes me cringe every time I see it), this is the “proper” way to do it

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