Say it ain’t so, Chachi…

Say it ain’t so, Chachi…

Is the “metoo”/”time’s up” movement getting too much traction to where accusers are coming out of the woodwork to charge men for their sexual impropriety from years ago when the evidence is basically “he said/she said”. Scott Baio is the latest accused by former child actress Nicole Eggert. She claims he molested her since she was 14, he claims that they had sex when she was 18 and it was consensual. Many feel Aziz Ansari is essentially being assassinated by an anonymous woman who claims that she was pressured into sex with the star after a first date.

The PC Police win – the Cleveland Indians are phasing out the beloved mascot “Chief Wahoo” in 2019. The mascot has become a high-profile controversy in the last 7 years as more and more people are calling for “political correctness” and eliminating potential “hate” symbols. Roger Goodell from the NFL doesn’t think that Washington will be changing the name of their football team from the Redskins.

San Francisco is expunging minor marijuana convictions & review/re-sentence marijuana felonies from 1975-forward thanks to AB1793 that was passed on Jan 9th. Prop 64 allowed for those convicted to petition the court for review/expungement but this costs several hundred dollars. The district attorney found this unfair to those who cannot afford such costs, the passage of this bill allows them to review/expunge at no cost to the convicted.

With the success of Pokemon Go & Super Mario Run, Nintendo is releasing a version of their super-popular franchise Mario Kart

Can’t we have anything nice? Even ancient ritual lines?


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