A Sad Society

A Sad Society


It’s sad that yet another school shooting has taken place in America. So far this year there have been 18 separate school shootings, many not receiving nationwide attention. We ponder as to whether social media is to blame. Years ago, kids could escape bullying when confined to the schoolyard. They could go home and find solace & peace away from the taunts/teasing. Now with social media, cyberbullying allows for 24/7 abuse of kids & adults. And I find it weird that school shootings don’t occur in other parts of the world. Surely, students across the globe deal with the same angst & bullying that our students do here. An article written a few years ago posits that the reason for so many school shootings here are due to ready-access to guns.

Companies are starting to re-think their liberal return policies after a woman earlier this year returned a Christmas tree to Costco because it was dead. She did get a refund and many employees of Costco shared a thread on Reddit about the strangest things returned. LL Bean has now changed their return policy to a one year return with receipt. Strangely, they had very little abuse of their former “lifetime” return policy. I remember garage-saleing with my parents, there was always the old man asking for Craftsman tools. Up until about 10 years ago, you could return a beat-up/rusted/damaged Craftsman tool to your local Sears without a receipt and walk out with a brand-spanking new tool.

Changes to the SNAP program (“food stamps”) for 2019 is causing an uproar. Half of recipients will receive a box filled with shelf staples such as peanut butter, shelf-stable milk, canned fruits & veggies. Opponents to the program feel that those receiving food stamps are unable to choose what they receive due to preference/dietary requirements. A recent report found that meat is the #1 item purchased with food stamps and “sweetened beverages” were #2. “Sweetened beverages” include fruit juice, sweetened teas, energy drinks, & of course soda. The report further stated that those on food stamps spent more of their food budget on soda/candy/salty snacks than a non-food stamp household.

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