Sunday Cinema – Big Green


Big Green


For the month of March we will be looking at “green” movies! Those associated with the word green.

“The Big Green” is one of those “fluff” movies that often come out during the lulls between box office “holiday” blasts. This one debuted at the end of September of 1995, so it fits right in between Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

Olivia D’Abo (the oldest daughter from “The Wonder Years”) stars as a foreign exchange teacher from England who teaches at a rural Texas town & helps her students that are interested in Soccer (“football” in England). Think of the film as “The Mighty Ducks” meets Pele). The film also stars some famous-at-the-time child actors such as Patrick Renna & Chauncey Leopardi (from “The Sandlot”) and Bug Hall (“The Little Rascals” film remake). It also co-stars Steve Guttenberg (“Police Academy”, “Three Men and a Baby”) in the role of the local Sheriff who is determined to bed the new teacher (it’s a given, even though nothing is mentioned throughout the film – you know what’s up).

There are a ton of sh*tty copies online, we were able to find the least-sh*ttiest that someone literally recorded in front of a television.


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