Boot the Reboots

Boot the Reboots


Due to the recent school schootings in Parkland, FL, Paramount has decided to postpone the television reboot of “Heathers”.

Think working 40 hours a week is a b*tch? South Korea is cutting back on their 68-hour work weeks

Paul Sr. is being sued yet again for sabotaging a revival of the previously popular show “American Chopper”. While in the meantime, his home is currently in foreclosure

China has censored the letter “N” and Winnie-The-Pooh in response to their president’s recent victory of removing term limits – effectively allowing him to rule for life.

Not good for the GOP, one lawmaker posits that if Jews were armed then they could have defeated the Nazis…

Iron Maiden has lent their music/images/Eddie to a new mobile game called “Legacy of the Beast“. It’s a Final Fantasy-type turn-based fighting game that finds Eddie traveling through different lands with the help of The Clairvoyant. Of course there are micro-transactions to buy power-up items & hey, if you join – search for our account under “My Troopers” on the main screen, MattyV1973-4488.

In looking for films/television shows for March’s “Sunday Cinema”, we came across this channel that was a bit jarring. A woman who does movie/video game reviews, rants, & tackles other topics while topless. She got banned from posting more videos and had to censor many, but ones like this are still uncensored. She apparently has moved to Vimeo which is more lenient in their content censorship…


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