Road Trip – ST2

Road Trip – ST2

It’s here… “Super Troopers 2“!

What started out as a small Indiegogo campaign to bankroll a comedy film turned into a pretty hilarious sequel that may help to spur more films!

The opening box office surprised many, as it generated over 3 times its budget in sales.

The comedy troupe “Broken Lizard” formed back at Colgate College and dwindled down to the current group of 5 guys.

When you hear “Super Troopers”, tell us you don’t think of this scene

MattyV f*cked up, it was “Veronica Mars” that got a movie funded by Kickstarter…

The Match Game” scene from Howard Stern’s “Private Parts” is hilarious…

Meg Ryan, Melanie Griffith, Tawny Kitaen & others – why???

I’m your sister, I’m your sister…


Be aware, you will walk out with a Canadian accent

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