Little Rocket Man

Little Rocket Man



Shri Thanedar is one of several candidates for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. His commercials have been fun to watch, but there are some articles on his previous businesses that are a cause for concern like the lab animals and the male enhancement drug.

MattyV wonders where the Obama supporter from 2008 is almost 10 years after she said she wouldn’t have to worry about her mortgage or putting gas in her car

Unfortunately not on Netflix anymore, the documentary “The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia” is a VERY interesting train wreck to watch. These people are smart – maybe not book smart, but they know what they’re doing…

Budgeting and “delayed gratification” are a few ways to help you get out of debt…

The 21-gun salute, flag presentation, & flying flags at half-mast are explained…

Trump may be guilty of many things, but we both believe that this moment in history would not have happened without his intervening…


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