Infinity Spoilers

Infinity Spoilers


Yep, we’re spoiling the crap out of “Avengers: Infinity War” on this podcast so if you haven’t seen it yet – SKIP THIS PODCAST!

MattyV introduced his teen to Pauly Shore and it may have been a bad thing…

James Gunn revealed on Twitter what Groot said to Rocket before he disappeared…

Nerdist has had a TON of videos regarding the movie such as:

– Why Star-Lord is really the villain of the movie

– How Ant-Man and The Wasp fit into Infinity War

– 3 Ways Avengers 4 will wrap up the story

– Whether or not Loki is a friend in Infinity War

– And of course stuff from the Russo brothers in regards to the soul stone and Avengers 4 possible spoilers

Dan from The Dan Cave breaks down both the Infinity Gauntlet and the deaths of comic book characters


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