Dumbing Down


Dumbing Down

According to a study by a professor in Amsterdam, Westerners have lost an average of 14 IQ points since the Victorian era. Some experts say we’ve reached our intellectual peak…

People who swore they’d leave the country if Trump got elected? This article catches up with some who followed through….

The average internet user has participated in some form of “pirating”, whether its music, movies, or video games. But before the internet and even before VCRs, there was an underground market for pirated 16mm studio films

We all wondered about it. We’ve seen ads on YouTube or the internet for it. But how does “doomsday prepper” food actually taste?

A gentleman ended up in the emergency room with an embarrassing issue, his “urethra pleasure toy” got stuck in his bladder… “Urethra Play” is apparently a fetish…

Tourism can be a good thing, but we often don’t think about the stress on environments or on the locals

The writer of the HBO film adaptation of “Fahrenheit 451” talks about how the story is more relevant today than when it was first written…

Check out this story of when Bert Kreischer went to the Anne Frank house thinking it was Helen Keller’s…


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