5 Must-Watch Summer Movies

The boys couldn’t get together last week, so we decided to present a summer movie guide to fill in the gap. These movies are available on YouTube, so no need for a streaming service subscription. Cheesy, full of T&A, these aren’t your kids’ summer movies for sure!

Summer Job

1) Summer Job

A classic that MattyV recalled seeing for the first time on “USA’s Up All Night with Rhonda Shear”. Although the television version was heavily-edited because of the gratuitous T&A, it was still a “mast-raiser”. Interesting note – the band at the end of the movie was comprised of former members of the group Electric Light Orchestra.



2) Hamburger: The Motion Picture

Coming out around the time “Hot Dog – The Movie!” came out, this one doesn’t have stars like David Niven (from the Dr. Pepper commercials) nor Shannon Tweed (at the time was Playmate of the Year). It does have Chuck McCann, Dick Butkus, & Charles Tyner and plenty of sexual innuendo.




3) Gleaming the Cube

A made-up skate trick name, this movie was cashing in on the skateboard wave that struck the USA in the late 1980’s. Starring a young Christian Slater, he’s a rebel skateboarder out to find who killed his adopted Vietnamese brother. Check out a young Tony Hawk and the rest of the original Bones Brigade in the climactic chase scene!



4) Joysticks

What do you get when you mix arcade games, sex, & Joe Don Baker? This movie, of course! Another movie cashing in on an American fad, see if you can spot Jon Gries (“Uncle Rico”) in one of his first movie roles!




5) Last Resort

Although this takes place during the winter, the movie ushers Charles Grodin and his family to an island “paradise” with lots of humor & sexual innuendo. Look for a young Megan Mulally (“Will & Grace”) as well as SNL alums Jon Lovitz & the late Phil Hartman.


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