Antman & MAGA Boy

Antman & MAGA Boy


If you haven’t seen “Super Troopers 2“, what the hell is the matter with you? And while you’re at it, check out Jay Chandrasekhar’s book as well…

Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers

If you haven’t seen “Antman & the Wasp”, stop listening around the 22-minute mark…

Nerdist has had several videos about the movie and how the characters will fit into the MCU after “Avengers:Infinity War”:

How Antman & Wasp fit into the MCU Infinity War

Is the movie a relief from the aftermath of Infinity War (yes and no, sadly)…

How the mid-credits scene sets up the next Avengers movie

How “easter eggs” in the movie set up the future of the MCU

Will the quantum realm be the key to bringing people back?

And lastly, should Wasp be the new leader of the Avengers? (she did name them in the comics)


Okay, spoilers out of the way. Enjoy the rest of the content!

Some douche took a “Make America Great Again” hat off a teen in Texas, threw soda at him, & made some derogatory comments. Karma’s a bitch as the guy was fired from his job and arrested for assault. See it’s not just republicans…

A waiter was fired for refusing to serve a man wearing a MAGA hat in a Canadian restaurant. Karma came back around as the waiter was fired for disobeying the restaurant’s “philosophy of tolerance” (which he claimed he was following by refusing to serve the gentleman)…

Maxine Waters, a California Democrat, responded to threats that whomever “better shoot straight” and proceeds to call herself an animal(!) in the same sentence

International Law does dictate the “right of asylum” for refugees fleeing persecution and that they are to seek asylum in the first “safe” country they enter. Mexico is not telling people that they have to seek asylum there first before the USA…

So, it’s not okay for a Trump-supporting celebrity to call a government official an ape but it’s perfectly fine for a Trump-hating celebrity to call for the president’s 12-year-old son to be put in a cage with a bunch of pedophiles? Got it…

And America/American media were okay with Obama’s handling of illegal immigration, but Trump is the villain? According to this article, Obama wanted to do some of what Trump’s administration is doing as far as efforts to stem illegal immigration. And conveniently there are no numbers or statistics of how many families Obama’s administration separated


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