The Past Will Bite You in the A*s

The Past Will Bite You in the A*s


What’s meant as a “parody” or “satire” is lost on a generation. Outrage over “Millenial Night” at a minor league baseball game including “participation ribbons” just for showing up, “avocado toast”, “napping stations”, and awards for the perfect “man bun” were some of the highlights. It’s a joke, people…

There’s more to the story of why Disney removed James Gunn from the third installment of “The Guardians of the Galaxy”. Granted the social media posts in question are from before he joined the Disney family, but the context and where these stemmed from are still disturbing. The entire cast is demanding that Gunn be reinstated despite the posts, however…

Sacha Baron Cohen’s comedy has always been on the fringe, with very little appealing to wide audiences. Using his comedy to push his own political agendas, his new show has forced a politician to resign (the Georgia rep believed he was participating in anti-terrorism training) and made others look like fools by duping them. It was a gun shop owner that saw through his disguise and ruined one of his “performances”.

Lots of new trailers were released at the recent San Diego Comic-Con, here are a few of our favorites:

“Mayans MC” – a Spin-off of the beloved biker show, “Sons of Anarchy”, covering the lives of the rival motorcycle gang seen in the show.

“Glass” – the third installment of M. Night Shymalan’s trilogy that includes “Unbreakable” & “Split”. Interesting to note that James McAvoy didn’t know “Split” was a sequel to “Unbreakable” until filming was almost complete.

Titans” is another “DC After Dark” type “mature” series that apparently is trying to achieve on network television what Netflix is achieving on their streaming service with their Marvel properties.

A recent pick up, “Howard Stern’s Crucified by the FCC” is a time capsule of Howard’s best years on terrestrial radio. All of the bits now are pretty much tame compared to what you might find today on the airwaves… And remember what was said in the movie “Private Parts” about fans vs. haters

We have a free will to make choices as to what we watch, what we listen to, what we read. If we don’t like/agree with something, we can change the channel or turn it off…

Here’s a list of “banned” album covers and the reasons why…


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