The Battle for Content

The Battle for Content

One of the earliest Tom Petty videos remembered was the “Mad Max”-inspired video for the song, “You Got Lucky”. Suspend rationale while watching as I don’t think a buried boombox will have enough juice to work and where did the power come from/why hasn’t anyone else seen it?

American Horror Story: Apocalypse” is starting tomorrow, you watching?

A crappy video rip, here is the scene from “Night of the Comet” where Reggie plays Tempest and freaks out over someone overtaking one of her high scores…

The origin of Guns n’ Roses

What’s your “crank it up, fist pump out the window” song? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

Donald’s less-than-stellar performance didn’t derail from the action in “Kelly’s Heroes”…


Disney is scrambling to launch a new digital streaming platform, conclude the purchase of Fox, & reduce its debt-load. Cable channels are playing catch-up to Netflix & Hulu…

Hulu has done something a little different than other streaming platforms and it seems to have worked. The “Castle Rock” 10-episode series premiered new episodes once a week like traditional television channels and people still watched. It has been renewed for a 2nd season…

The Ringer asks the question, “When do television shows peak?”…

Someone found peace & hope at Dollywood through a snowglobe

Some interesting tidbits on an unscripted juggernaut – “American Pickers”

Anyone hungry for a television dinner? Yum!

There are certain sectors of the job market this hiring model would not do well with, but the smaller manufacturing & service/janitorial firms apparently are finding success…

Who knew the majestic & flavorful vanilla pod would be so vulnerable to thieves and corruption?

The death of the local mill/factory that employs the majority of a small town can be devastating in its effects and collateral damage…


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