Sunday Cinema – “Jungle Warriors”

For the month of March we will be looking at “military” themed movies since March contains the military’s favorite day – “March 4th”. Some old, some new, some obscure, some just plain weird.

“Jungle Warriors” follows a fashion photographer looking for a proper spot to capture his models in the jungle. Their helicopter is shot down and the survivors are captured by a drug lord’s private army. Hilarity ensues?

A cheap straight-to-VHS movie trying to cash in on the “Rambo”/”Commando”/”Missing in Action” fever that captured the box office, it stars some pretty interesting people. Sybil Danning (well-known for her T&A straight-to-video releases), Marjoe Gortner (former child evangelist/huckster that became a b-movie actor), John Vernon (Dean Wormer from “Animal House”, and Dana Elcar (from “Macguyver”).

A poorly ripped-from-VHS German copy that is apparently the uncut version not available on DVD, it contains German subtitles. Someone posted it online along with a link showing the differences between the cut/uncut versions for others to watch in awe…

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