Tap Dancing on a Landmine, pt 2

Tap Dancing on a Landmine, pt 2

We’re living in an era where persons are guilty until proven innocent (and even then still ostracized), persons making false claims are often not punished, & persons are afraid to share their own personal opinions because of reprisal (sometimes violently).

The print & network media outlets by and large have been caught up in a rush to give news coverage without checking sources & often using social media as their reference material.

Minorities are afraid. Men are afraid. Women are afraid. Teens are afraid. Christians are afraid. We have created a toxic culture of commentary such as “F*ck you, where’s mine?” and “F*ck you and your opinions if your’s don’t align with mine.”

We have become a society of “shoot first, ask questions later. If those questions are too hard to answer, deflect blame elsewhere…”

This week we conclude our conversation involving hate crimes, the current political climate, and the mentality of our country. It’s a hard conversation to have, but we need to talk about things in the hopes of understanding rather than be silent.

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