Sunday Cinema – “This is the Army”

For the month of March we will be looking at “military” themed movies since March contains the military’s favorite day – “March 4th”. Some old, some new, some obscure, some just plain weird.

In WWI, a singer/dancer is drafted into the US Army where he performs a stage revue with fellow soldiers. One night, the soldiers are given their marching orders and have to leave the show immediately. Wounded in France, Jerry Jones comes home with his dreams of dancing again dashed. Years later, his son (played by Lt. Ronald Reagan!) joins the Army shortly after Pearl Harbor and has the reluctant task of putting together a musical show like his father had years before. This time, the show goes on tour across the country eventually playing for the President of the United States. Johnny Jones and the rest of the cast are ordered back to their combat units…

This was basically a propaganda film paid for by “Uncle Sam” and stars not only the future Governor of California/President of the United States (Ronald Reagan), but also a future California Senator (George Murphy).

Someone posted this bit of historic nostalgia online for others to enjoy!

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