Spoilers, You’ve Been Warned…

Spoilers, You’ve Been Warned….

“A Game of Thrones” HBOgo users had a let-down when the entire network crashed shortly before the long-awaited premiere…

The show is loosely-based on an actual event, Wars of the Roses.

Nick Fury’s eye has been teased about in the Marvel movies for the last 12 years. In the comics, he lost his eye from a grenade during WWII. In a “reboot” from 2001, he lost it during the Gulf War. Now the recent “Captain Marvel” movie changes the injury once again…

It was interesting to see how the view of “Kree v. Skrulls” switched for the audience & Captain Marvel halfway through the movie…

According to AMC, they are developing a series of TV movies to reveal Rick Grimes’ future. Along with that, Michonne is the next to leave the series…

People are trying to cash in on the end of the current Marvel era by selling opening night tickets for $5,000!

Kyle Hill of “Because Science” goes all scientific on the “Ant-Man v. Thanos’ Butt” scenario that has the internet in stitches

What if Thanos turned the tables on Ant-Man???

West Michigan “felt the Bern” a few weeks ago when he visited a local trade union. One of the downfalls of his 2016 run was his lack of a foreign policy. He hopes to change that this time around…

Not sure if this is the same article Dan the Man mentioned about Rush Limbaugh’s immigration plan or not…

What crimes would you commit in a “The Purge” scenario?

Europeans have no idea what a “surprise medical bill” is, while all Americans know all too well…

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