Standing Room Only

Standing Room Only

The thing is, the attraction itself was not damaged. Apparently it could have operated, but since the access road to get there was covered in a landslide. Not knowing how the policy reads, either landslide/mudslide was excluded or since what was being insured was not damaged – the claim was rightfully denied.

Route 66 had its share of tourist traps willing to take travelers’ money for odd museums, collections, & knick-knacks. Parts of Route 66 are coming back to life with people looking for nostalgia & fun/goofy things to do and see.

Here’s an easy WikiHow on how to spot or dress like a hipster…

Interesting that we had more than 200 tornadoes affect many Midwestern states over the last 2 weeks. The article states that climate change is just a small factor, but that urban sprawl has been the biggest one.

MacKenzie Bezos is giving away half of her divorce settlement away, $18 billion…

There have been many, many, many ads for the “Calm” app for Apple products. Supposedly the app is to help you meditate, relax, & fall asleep with various methods. Trouble is, there is a 7-day free trial that automatically charges your iTunes account $59.99/yr to unlock the app within a few days into the trial according to many negative reviews. And there is no phone number to call and cancel, you only have an email address that may or may not receive a response.

Netflix may be in trouble losing Disney & its ancillary media products…

Burnout is now an official medical condition…

Ryanair launched “vertical seating” 10 years ago, it didn’t “take off”…

Check out this article for insurance companies in your state that will cover Uber/Lyft/Ridesharing.

One of the poorer school district in Colorado is trying out a 4-day school week out of necessity to get better teachers and it seems to be working…

A remix for the “Max & Ruby” theme song? Really????

What if the Kents had found an evil super-child? “Brightburn” seems to tackle that question…

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