Sunday Cinema – “Mac and Me”

Back in the 1980’s, before instant streaming, movies were often “bootlegged” and released to cash in on already profitable movie property. “Mac and Me” was a movie loosely based on the premise of “E.T.” and had a bigger budget than most knock-off films. Filled with product placements from entities such as McDonald’s, Skittles, & Coca Cola, the budget of $13 million for the 1980’s was pretty significant.

NASA sends a probe to an alien planet and it “gathers” (read “sucks up”) a family of aliens and brings them back to Earth. Mac (Mysterious Alien Creature) gets separated from his family and finds protection from a boy in a wheelchair. There are a lot of similarities between this film and “E.T.” for sure, down to the characters names. Didn’t do well at the box office, accumulating less than half of its budget.

Someone posted this gem online, check it out!

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