Sunday Cinema – “Party Camp”

In a rush to get those sweet, sweet teen dollars this b-movie gem hit theaters in June of 1987. Consider it a mixture of “Meatballs” and “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off”, Jerry is sent to be a summer camp counselor and meets the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately the camp he is at is military-strict, so it takes him and a cadre of misfit campers to turn the summer camp into an every day party.

Going so far as to use a similar font to the “Meatballs” movie poster, “Party Camp” tries hard to mimic it. Add in some b-movie stars that don’t mind a little nudity, “Freddy Lippencottleman” from the popular television show “Silver Spoons” and Billy Jayne (the staple of teen movies of the 1980’s) and you have “Party Camp”.

Someone across the pond posted a fairly clean copy of this romp for all to enjoy…

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