At the Drive-In – A Documentary

At the Drive-In – A Documentary

“At the Drive-In” is a 2017 documentary that tells the tale of the Mahoning Drive-In theater located in Lehighton, PA. It is one of the last drive-in movie theaters in the country still in operation that shows 35mm prints on the last of the true Cinemascope outdoor screens.

Finding their niche in showing older 35mm prints rather than spending $50k on upgrading their equipment to be able to show current digital movie prints, the drive-in has survived bringing younger generations into the fold of drive-in experiences. They have the ability now to show obscure DVD & VHS releases in addition to 35mm prints that cost them less than $5k according to the documentary.

Checking their Facebook Page reveals “themed weekends” of obscure or cult favorites, with their “Camp Blood” weekends being the most popular (they invite movie-goers to camp over the weekend while showing horror movies).

If you have Night Flight Plus, you can access the documentary as well as a TON of other movies/documentaries/cartoons/original aired episodes…

There are other documentaries on drive-in theaters such as:

Drive-In Memories

Outdoor Movies: Now and Long Ago

Lost Americana: The Drive In Theater

Also people have digitized the old intermission and food ads that would have been seen at drive-in theaters:

A Night at the Drive-In Movies: Vintage Previews, Cartoons, Intermission, & Two Complete Films (so you can experience the approximation of a night at the drive-in)

1 Hour Vintage Drive-In Intermission Ads/Shorts, 1950s-60s

Drive In Intermission Giant Widescreen (4+ hours)

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