By the Wayside

By the Wayside

Interesting how our immigration laws differ from places like Mexico & the United Kingdom…

First it was K-Mart. Then Toys’r’Us (although they are seeing a resurgency this coming holiday season in a few major cities). Now higher-end stores are starting close their doors due to more and more people doing their shopping online.

Under pressure from environmental groups, Coca-Cola will begin offering their Dasani-brand water in aluminum cans rather than plastic bottles. They are also experimenting with “hybrid” plastic bottles utilizing plant material & recycled plastic.

Door Dash changes it’s tipping model after backlash that it was using the tips to pad the driver’s guaranteed delivery payment

Amazon returns/liquidation pallets” are the latest get-rich-quick internet scheme. Thing is, it’s harder to make money at it than people realize

Resale Rabbit on YouTube buys abandoned storage units, liquidation pallets, & entire store close-outs as a part of his business. He does admit that it can be VERY difficult to make money on pallets…

Just call them foreign “hobos” & “bums”, yet another example of how millenials think they are “entitled” to certain things…

Yes, Eddie Murphy is Rudy Ray Moore – better known as “Dolemite”

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