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Sunday Cinema – “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”

Francis & Alan head to the local fair in their small town where the come across Dr. Caligari & his cabinet. The cabinet contains Cesare, a gentleman plagued with somnambulism (sleepwalking). Cesare also apparently has the ability to predict the future as when Alan asks what will happend to him the reply is that he would be dead by dawn. When Alan turns up dead the next morning, Francis & his fiancee Jane scramble to find the murderer. Jane is next on the dear doctor’s list…

A classic and in a vague form the first “zombie” movie in that Cesare has no control over his mind or body, he is at the mercy of Dr. Caligari.

Someone posted a copy online for all to check out!

Sunday Cinema – “Der Golem”

A Jewish tale about a rabbi who creates a clay man and brings him to life in order to protect his people from anti-semites. Centuries later, an antiques dealer finds & ressurects the clay man who falls in love with the man’s daughter. When she doesn’t return his affection, the clay man goes on a rampage.

An interesting film from 1915, the story still holds up and the imagery is still striking in the age of CGI effects.

Someone posted the full (as complete as possible) film online for us to enjoy.