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Sunday Cinema – “Are You Hot? The Search for America’s Sexiest People”

Basically a Miss America contest without the talent/community involvement & achievement portion. It lasted only 7 episodes on ABC due to low ratings. Howard Stern sued ABC as it was an almost-exact representation of his show’s bit, “The Evaluators”. Makes sense since one of the co-creators was a former TV producer of Stern’s television show.

Judges Randolph Duke, Lorenzo Lamas, & Rachel Hunter, looked for the “hottest” people from 5 different “Hot Zones” around the country and basically critiqued their bodies, revealing flaws (with a laser pointer!?!) & allowing viewers to vote for their favorites.

Someone posted the first episode, you gotta wonder who green-lit this…

Change My Mind

Change My Mind

Not so much recently, but up until the mid-2000’s it seemed like a television show had a hit on the music charts

Check out Alice Cooper or Frank Zappa sometime, go for the older stuff – you won’t be disappointed…

Dan the Man called it

Peaky Blinders is coming back for a 6th season

Tik Tok is a step below “cam whore”, prove me wrong

Steven Crowder (the “_ Change My Mind” meme guy) brought this up about gender-neutral parenting, “theybies“…

There are coming changes to the “emotional support animal” guidelines for many airlines limiting the size of the animal and charging fees for the animal.

Amoeba Music has a segment ‘What’s in My Bag?” where celebrities & musical artists share what they bought at the store. We liked them when they actually caught people off-guard and asked them what they bought like “Weird Al“. The recent iterations look “staged”…

Kind of being billed online as “The Big Lebowski 2” but has nothing to do with the original film with the exception of a lone character

Sunday Cinema – “Kid Nation”

What happens when you bus in 40 kids from all walks of life to a deserted ghost town in the middle of nowhere? You get a crazy reality show where the kids aged 8 through 15 try to run a town. Think “Survivor” in the old west.

It lasted one season and had some serious issues plaguing the show from the release the parents signed (basically absolving the network/production company from any/all liability arising from the show involving their kids including “acts of God”) to a traumatizing event involving having to kill chickens (where do you think chicken tenders come from?). Some kids even drank unlabeled bleach by accident & were treated.

Someone posted the entire season so you can see this madness first-hand…

Sunday Cinema – “I Wanna Marry Harry”

Fox tried to revive their “Joe Millionaire” angle from the early 2000’s (premise was that a supposed “millionaire” is looking for love, trouble is Joe is broke as a joke) in 2014 with a doppleganger for Prince Harry. Ryan Seacrest was a co-creator of the show.

Trying to get “The Bachelor/The Bachelorette” type viewing numbers, this show featured 12 American women who thought they were vying for a place in British royalty by bagging a prince. It wasn’t until the final episode that the ladies were told he was not in fact Harry…

Someone posted the first episode online, check it out for some bizarre situations…

Sunday Cinema – “Mr. Personality”

“Mr. Personality” – a reality show that begs the question, “Are looks that important when it comes to finding true love?” Think of it as “The Bachelorette” with masks.

Hosted by Monica Lewinsky (!), 20 suitors dressed in masks covering their faces competed to win the heart of one female contestant. It was one of many canceled Fox shows trying to cash in on the “reality TV game show” craze of the early 2000’s.

The show lasted only 5 episodes before being cancelled. Someone posted the final episode online so you can see this train-wreck of a show…