Orange Man Bad

Orange Man Bad

Google is killing Google Play Music and moving the platform to YouTube Music, which makes sense. Google owns YouTube, why do they need to keep 2 music services???

Speaking of music, did you know you can block artists on Spotify? Goodbye Lil Nas X…

What was originally promoted as a “streaming service for on the go” with 10 minute episodes of familiar shows & new shows with notable celebrities and directors is wallowing. One of the creators is blaming the Covid-19 crisis

Quibi does have some interesting shows such as Dan Harmon’s (“Rick & Morty”, “Community”) girlfriend’s show about his sex doll entitled “Dummy”

Russell Crowe’s film opening “Unhinged” has been moved up to July and is touted to become the first movie in theaters post-pandemic. As if our nerves aren’t frayed enough…

MattyV has been going down “YouTube Rabbit Holes” lately and came across this creator who explains and then picks locks from various countries and eras. Here’s one where he picks a 1920’s era spare tire lock

The prequel trilogy has been panned by many fans as the worst of the series. Maybe we need to take a step back & watch them from a new perspective. Check out this review from 11 years ago and see if his critique still stands up…

The “Coronavirus Recession” as it’s being called is much worse in comparison to the “Great Recession” of 2008-2009. 8 million jobs were lost during the entire “Great Recession”, 20 million jobs were lost in April 2020 alone. Both Bush & Obama’s presidencies released a total of $1.5 trillion in stimulus packages. This presidency has authorized $3 trillion so far in rescue spending…

At a recent press conference, an Asian-American journalist is calling Trump a ‘racist’ for telling her to ‘Ask China’ in response to her question/comment about the coronavirus pandemic…

The WH Press Secretary shut down a reporter trying to get her in “gotcha” question. Make sure you watch to the end to hear the reporter complain that she was prepared

I guess there is a silver lining during this crisis, India’s carbon emissions have decreased by 30% in April. This is the 3rd straight month in over 4 years…

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