Sunday Cinema – “Blackadder: Back & Forth”

“Blackadder” is an anthology series that follows the exploits of Edmund Blackadder through various points in British history. Starring Rowan Atkinson as Blackadder & Tony Robinson as his servant Baldrick, early in the series Edmund is a dim-witted moron while his servant is more intelligent. As the series progressed, Blackadder became more clever & cunning while his servant became more moronic.

The series ended poorly according to fans, so the writers came up with a “special” that would better satisfy them. In this finale, Blackadder creates a “time machine” in order to con his friends. What he doesn’t realize is that he actually created a time machine and finds himself & Baldrick in the cretaceous period. With no idea what time period they are traveling to, the pair upset the timeline of significant historical events and must correct them.

Many are familiar with Atkinson’s work as “Mr. Bean”, few are familiar with this clever work.

Someone posted the finale online so you can see the brilliance that is Blackadder…

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