Participation Trophy

Participation Trophy

Not sure if this is the video mentioned at the top of the pod, but I’ll watch it…

You’re gonna need the subtitles for this one

This empowers women and doesn’t objectify them??

Ben Shapiro reading the lyrics cracks me up…

Marvel’s comic series, “What If?!?” is coming to Disney+ next year. They dropped a teaser showing the premise, “What if Agent Carter took the serum and became Captain Britain?“…

“Lovecraft Country” is another Jordan Peele joint delving into the macabre world of HP Lovecraft. A son, his uncle, & a friend travel across 1950’s America in search of the son’s father. They end up in a small town supposedly the basis for Lovecraft’s tales…

Yes, there are “unwritten” rules of baseball that apparently are available via Amazon…

Justin Fields launched an effort to restore college football that worked!

The Denver Broncos have installed a “disinfectant mister” to help cut down/eliminate the spread of COVID-19 among players & staff…

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