The Gamestop Rebellion

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The Gamestop Rebellion

No, there’s nothing fishy about the appointment to the head of the criminal division of the DOJ being the former law partner who is the criminal defense attorney for Hunter Biden. Nothing fishy at all…

It’s being dubbed the “Gamestop Rebellion” or “Occupy Wall Street 2.0”, a group of Redditors decided to stick it to hedge funds that make money by betting on stocks to fail. So far the losses have exceed $70 billion & the elites are trying to stem the losses by changing the rules

Forget naming a school or library after a historical figure, how about the lead singer of a hippie band that promoted LSD & drug use instead?

Talk about a ret-con, Zack Snyder’s cut of DC’s “Justice League” movie will be dropping onto HBOMax as a 4-part miniseries of sorts. The original released version was panned by critics & fans alike. This should be good…

The director of “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”, “Bruce Almighty”, & “Patch Adams” created a documentary speaking with intellectuals & spiritual leaders on what’s wrong with our world and how to fix it

Tony Hawk recently completed his last 720 of his career earlier this month. At age 52…

Big Brother is getting closer. Spotify has filed a patent on technology that can listen to your voice and use it to suggest music for you based off that. So if you’re screaming at your ex, it may suggest Chuck Mangione or Burt Bacarach to calm you down…

Both the boys were wrong, Matthew Stafford went to the LA Rams…

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