I’m F’n Done…

I’m F’n Done…

You may know the song MattyV parodied…

The WNBA operates at a loss of about $10mil a year. The NBA made $8.3bil in 2020 despite the pandemic. We agree in equal pay for women players, they just need to generate the revenue in order to raise the pay…

“Cancel culture” is getting out of control. Dr. Seuss is cancelled, Dav Pilkey is cancelled, Bill Maher is right that the Chinese could care less…

China is more concerned with quantum computing than racism currently, they have a derogatory name for “woke” westerners

Little Debbie has 2 cereals based on their popular pastries

Money’s worth at a buffett primer, even Vegas.com has one

And without further ado…

(Photo rights belong to rightsholder. For non-monetized entertainment purposes only.)

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