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Linnea Quigley IS the “scream queen” of the b-movie horror genre. From her nude dance in “Return of the Living Dead” to her own workout video (!?!), she has a TON of credits

“Last American Virgin” is a funny movie, but the ending is a pisser

Here’s our list of people we would like to sit down with a beer or cuppa tea:

Steve Yzerman – former captain of the Detriot Red Wings, he has returned to the team as General Manager in the hopes of bringing glory back to the Motor City

Bruce Campbell – Actor/author/filmmaker/Michigan native. Matty could listen to him read the back of a cereal box…

Stephen King – Author/filmmaker. Basically the godfather of modern horror novels, we are sure you have read or watched some of his stuff…

Malcolm Gladwell – Author. He’s written articles for the New Yorker as well as several books with “What the Dog Saw” being Matty’s favorite

Scott Ian – Muscian/author/spoken word artist. Member of several bands over the years, has several books to his name, most famous for his beard

George R Romero – Filmmaker/Author. Many of his movies are social commentaries of the times (“Night of the Living Dead” tackled racism, “Dawn of the Dead” tackled consumerism, etc.)…

Brie Larson – Actress. Most famous for her role as Captain Marvel, the “Cultural Woke” want her removed from the role and replace the character with a transgender

Bruce Dickinson – Musician/author/pilot/historian. He is truly a renaissance man for today’s times. He has a commercial pilot’s license and works for Astraeus Airlines when he’s not touring or writing new music.

Charles Barkley – Basketball Player/author/Sportscaster. Excellent baller back in the day, a great sportscaster. His recent comments on politics is spot on…

Donald J Trump – Politician/author/businessman. 45th president of the USA. Real estate & business mogul. Reality TV star. You may love him, you may hate him, but you have got to respect his drive to succeed…

Here’s the pic, very pretty woman despite her boob differences…:

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