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Sweet Caroline

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Sweet Caroline

This week the boys got together and played a “girl song” quiz with Dan the Man getting about 80% correct. There were a few curve balls but he did very well!

As promised, MattyV did research into why “Sweet Caroline” is used at sporting events and found its origins at Fenway Park in 1997…

Although not totally true that unvaccinated kids cannot get wishes granted – the Make-A-Wish Foundation is limiting the wishes granted to non-vaccinated children. If children are unvaccinated, no wishes involving travel will be granted. A little disturbing since the WHO revised their prior statements and said children should not get the vaccine...

The boys talked about other stuff but we’re in a rush to get this pod out, listen in to see what else was discussed!

Trogdor the Burninator!

One of the early memes to come out of Homestar Runner was the character of Trogdor. He had a board game, a video game, a fan convention, & a song.

Here’s a poor copy of the song put to pictures of Trogdor

Senor Mortgage

One of Strong Bad’s alter-egos is that of Senor Cardgage (one of my favorites!).

Senor Cardgage has gotten into the mortgage game, check it out!

Soda Nostalgia

Soda Nostalgia

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The boys talked about different things including nostalgic old sodas. Anyone remember 7Up Gold?

How about Fruitopia?

Marvel’s Loki had a classic soda on a conference table, Josta

If Surge! can make a comeback, why not Orbitz? People these days enjoy boba teas and drinks…

The boys also waxed nostalgic about a regional burger chain that started in Holt, Michigan. When it opened they touted 25 cent burgers, fries, & drinks. We ate like kings in high school as it was the cheapest fast food around. Unfortunately after being sold to Pepsi they fell into bankruptcy but there is one operating store left for those nostalgia cravings. Our town had 2 stores, one building was torn down to make way for a CVS but the other is still standing and now houses a Checkers/Rally’s. The distinctive building design still makes you think of “rotten cow” (as we affectionately called it) to this day.

Another restaurant the boys loved was Rax, home of the roast beef sandwich & chocolate chip shakes. They also had an all-you-can-eat “dinner bar” that offered salad, pasta, & taco options. Interesting to learn that they are still around with the majority of the restaurants located in Ohio

One that the boys miss was Mr. Fables, a local chain in the Holland/Grand Rapids area. Think “Big Boy Restaurant” and that’s basically what Mr. Fables was – a fast-casual restaurant catering in burgers, fries, & other fast food items. Interestingly, before the Westshore Mall became a “dead mall” Big Boy took over the Mr. Fables location inside the mall since the decor/color scheme was very similar. A former employee started his own local restaurant chain which was immortalized (kind of) in the movie, “American Pie” as the “Dog Years” restaurant hangout…

That A Ghost

The creators of Homestar Runner tried different animation techniques to beautiful aplomb. In this one, they made a 1930’s-esque cartoon complete with film scratches & dirt.

Homestar and friends try to capture a ghost

Tinfoil Hat Time

Just a little eye candy to keep you focused…

The boys discussed some fan theories that could blow your mind. MattyV relayed a theory about the movie, “The Breakfast Club” positing that the entire thing never happened. Some points were made and could very well be plausible:

  • Allision said she didn’t have friends
  • Her parents ignored her
  • she had nothing better to do on a Saturday
  • She is creative and a compulsive liar

The stolen items in her bag may have been taken during the school week and she created each character based on each item (switchblade = Bender, Hair Bow = Claire, Varsity Patch = Andrew, Wallet = Brian). It was also brought up why would an assistant school principal waste an entire Saturday unpaid (salaried employee) at school making the kids do basically nothing? It’s an interesting theory for sure…

Another fan theory finds that Nemo in the film “Finding Nemo” died prior to the start of the film

Alice Cooper is touring this fall with legendary guitarist Ace Frehley, unfortunately the closest date for the boys is Detroit…

The boys talked about how some musical acts are still relevant and share the nostalgia vibe while others are just out to make a buck and really ruin teenage memories of the music and the artists. Vince Neil isn’t doing well, if we went to this concert we would have demanded our money back. He’s back on tour in 2021 and not doing any better

On the day of recording, it was the anniversary of “Killdozer”. Here‘s a documentary on YouTube about the ordeal…

Strong Bad Email #36

One of the internet sensations of the mid-2000s, Homestar Runner was a weekly web short animation (before YouTube became popular) that had a host of characters. Strong Bad was a luchador-type character with boxing gloves and a surly attitude (think Bender from “Futurama”). One series of web shorts was Strong Bad reading emails he received, which I think were the funniest of the franchise.

Here is #36 where he shows off his superior guitar skillz