Soda Nostalgia

Soda Nostalgia

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The boys talked about different things including nostalgic old sodas. Anyone remember 7Up Gold?

How about Fruitopia?

Marvel’s Loki had a classic soda on a conference table, Josta

If Surge! can make a comeback, why not Orbitz? People these days enjoy boba teas and drinks…

The boys also waxed nostalgic about a regional burger chain that started in Holt, Michigan. When it opened they touted 25 cent burgers, fries, & drinks. We ate like kings in high school as it was the cheapest fast food around. Unfortunately after being sold to Pepsi they fell into bankruptcy but there is one operating store left for those nostalgia cravings. Our town had 2 stores, one building was torn down to make way for a CVS but the other is still standing and now houses a Checkers/Rally’s. The distinctive building design still makes you think of “rotten cow” (as we affectionately called it) to this day.

Another restaurant the boys loved was Rax, home of the roast beef sandwich & chocolate chip shakes. They also had an all-you-can-eat “dinner bar” that offered salad, pasta, & taco options. Interesting to learn that they are still around with the majority of the restaurants located in Ohio

One that the boys miss was Mr. Fables, a local chain in the Holland/Grand Rapids area. Think “Big Boy Restaurant” and that’s basically what Mr. Fables was – a fast-casual restaurant catering in burgers, fries, & other fast food items. Interestingly, before the Westshore Mall became a “dead mall” Big Boy took over the Mr. Fables location inside the mall since the decor/color scheme was very similar. A former employee started his own local restaurant chain which was immortalized (kind of) in the movie, “American Pie” as the “Dog Years” restaurant hangout…

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