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Sunday Cinema – “When Halloween Was Forever”

When the spirit of Halloween is released from his captivity, he decides to make Halloween last forever! Can the guys stop this gruesome specter from carrying out his evil plan?

Having the title “The Real Ghostbusters” in order to separate the franchise from the 1970’s cartoon series “The Ghostbusters” and the original movie theme song is iconic. What’s cooler is that the official franchise posted this on YouTube to check out in its entirety and decent transfer!

The Mac n Cheese Debate

(Photo Courtesy

The Mac n Cheese Debate

How to solve the supply chain? Stop buying stuff!

Be happy with what you can get from stores, settle for less

The way the media is trying to talk to us about supply chain issues reminds of the scene in “Moscow on the Hudson” or the grocery store scene in The Americans.

Electric scooter rentals are coming to a local city. I wonder if the trend will follow China’s failed bike sharing programs

A hot fresh-made pizza in 5 minutes from a vending machine?

DiGiorno is releasing a macaroni & cheese pizza in collaboration with Stouffer’s

You might not care for Ben Shapiro but his take on the WNBA is fairly spot-on…

Sunday Cinema – “The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About Halloween”

From the series that debuted in 2010 with Martin Short voicing the feline, the Cat in the Hat takes Sally & Nick on a Halloween joyride where they discover the best costumes ever!

Check out the full episode online with your kiddos!

Hypocrisy Much?

Hypocrisy Much?

Dan the Man gives a breakdown of the Jon Gruden emails and the impact it has…

Is it hypocritical the NFL has these performers on their Super Bowl halftime show line-up?

You can’t tell me the ending wasn’t planned, that corset was too easy to rip…

It certainly looked like a check swing, but the pitch would have definitely been a strike…

F the Cleveland Guardians, it should have been the Cleveland Spiders...

Liliac is a kick-ass family metal band, Matty is enamored with the lead singer

Dan the Man loves playing “Whack! Fuck!”

The Black Phone” is creepy as fuck, right up Matty’s alley and stars Ethan Hawke

Joe Hill looks a lot like his dad & has some pretty good writing chops as well…

Matty backed this project on Kickstarter, excited to see how they turn out!

Sunday Cinema – “Hooky Spooky”

Casper wants to get to night school quickly but Spooky wants to skip school and go to the zoo instead. What happens next? Will Casper make it to school on time?

Amazing that these franchises are posting such episodes online for free so everyone can enjoy them!

Don’t Associate

Don’t Associate

Shaq disowns his celebrity, says he doesn’t want to be associated with “crazies”

We hate to bring up the irony, but 7-Eleven is coming to India

A musical instrument that requires water in order to work. Sounds so haunting…

The “Zodiac Killer” has apparently been identified after 50+ years

Being paid to play video games? Someone dumped a bunch of Twitch data, A LOT of people are paid in the 7-figures for streaming their gameplay

Ever see surgery on a single grape? Now you can

George Miller has always made sure the vehicles in his movies were stars as well. I wish I had the cash for either the Razor Cola or the Doof Wagon…

Sunday Cinema – “Things That Go Bump In The Night”

A 2-part episode (hour-long) and is considered a “Halloween” story arc finds Orko goofing around with King Randor’s birthday gift. This leads to the discovery of a young boy who is fearful of many things. Will He-Man help or will Skeletor reign supreme?

Another franchise that has posted the full episode online for everyone to enjoy!

Sunday Cinema – “Garfield’s Halloween Adventure”

Garfield & Odie dress as pirates in the hopes of plundering the town of candy. They end up at a haunted house with some pirate ghosts out to find their buried treasure…

Another franchise posting an episode online for free…