Hypocrisy Much?

Hypocrisy Much?

Dan the Man gives a breakdown of the Jon Gruden emails and the impact it has…

Is it hypocritical the NFL has these performers on their Super Bowl halftime show line-up?

You can’t tell me the ending wasn’t planned, that corset was too easy to rip…

It certainly looked like a check swing, but the pitch would have definitely been a strike…

F the Cleveland Guardians, it should have been the Cleveland Spiders...

Liliac is a kick-ass family metal band, Matty is enamored with the lead singer

Dan the Man loves playing “Whack! Fuck!”

The Black Phone” is creepy as fuck, right up Matty’s alley and stars Ethan Hawke

Joe Hill looks a lot like his dad & has some pretty good writing chops as well…

Matty backed this project on Kickstarter, excited to see how they turn out!

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