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Sunday Cinema – The Red Skelton Show

A classic, this episode is a spoof on Thanksgiving story of Miles Standish/John Alden/Priscilla Mullins.

Classic TV Channel posted this episode to preserve it for all generations to see online

Sunday Cinema – “Still the Beaver”

Not a reboot but a continuation of the “Leave it to Beaver” show of the 1960’s, this episode finds Beaver’s oldest son wanting to have Thanksgiving dinner with a friend and not the Cleaver clan…

A crappy VHS television taping from 1983 (from the glitches & scanlines), someone digitized it and put it up for posterity

It’s All Bullsh*t

It’s All Bullsh*t

NASCAR is going after trademark violators using the “Let’s Go Brandon” phrase, claims they don’t want to be associated with politics. Yet they praised Bubba Wallace’s BLM race car & social justice….

Aaron Rodgers gets fined over $14,000 for violating Covid-19 protocols, Ice Cube walks away from $9mil paycheck refusing to get vaccine for movie…

Why replace him? Continue the story without him. Why hasn’t Roman learned his lesson anyway?

Will Ferrell did the right thing if the premise of Elf 2 was basically a rehash. Tell a new story! Expand the cinematic universe!

The armorer on the set of “Rust”, and various members of government really fit the definition of “diversity hire“. Choice should be more about the knowledge and capability of the person and not their genetic makeup. Benji Wyatt – Teen Mayor comes to mind…

A broken laser pointer was the first eBay sale! Here are 25 of the most-expensive items sold on eBay…

Sunday Cinema – “AfterMASH”

A second spin-off of the popular sitcom that lasted longer than the war itself, AfterMASH lasted 2 seasons with a few of the more popular characters. In this episode retired Col. Potter has the gang over for Thanksgiving dinner.

Another shotty taped-from-TV episode, at least someone is trying to save these shows from extinction and posts them online…

Where’s the Compassion?

Where’s the Compassion?

Interesting opinion from 2002 on manners and how “obsolete” they are

Eternals (2021) fell to one of the lowest opening weekends of all the Marvel movies with Antman (2015) opening the lowest.

Dr. King might be appalled at America today, going from a color-blind society back to segregation…

Customer service and compassion seem to have gone by the wayside these days, reminded us of this article from SomethingAwful… Here’s part 2

“We tend to compare the ‘behind the scenes’ reel of our lives against the ‘highlight reel’ of others’ lives…” – Unknown

A surprise party fail caught on Ring

Hoovie’s Garage is looking to collect a fleet of silver BMWs, here’s the X5, M5, and the M3.

Sunday Cinema – “Dharma & Greg”

In this episode of “Dharma & Greg”, Dharma insists on cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for the family. This is mistaken as Dharma is pregnant with hilarious results…

Someone posted a semi-decent version online for you to check out

What in the World?

What in the World?

Dave Chappelle made an honest response to the Netflix employee uproar over his special…

The woke mob broke this guy’s sign and then claims he has a weapon…

You might not like this commentator, but look at the whole context of the video and not the clips from John Oliver…

History of the World Par II” has been ordered as a series by Hulu. We think this will be a bomb because of wokeness…

“The friend who’s an as*hole, he’s our as*hole…”

No more booty shorts, Hooters is basically going semi g-string

Here’s the “Undercover Boss: Hooters” episode

And the “Undercover Boss: Philly Pretzel Factory” episode

Who could forget the “Undercover Boss: Yankee Candle” episode?

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is coming soon, both Matty & Dan the Man played the computer version of the original…