Where’s the Compassion?

Where’s the Compassion?

Interesting opinion from 2002 on manners and how “obsolete” they are

Eternals (2021) fell to one of the lowest opening weekends of all the Marvel movies with Antman (2015) opening the lowest.

Dr. King might be appalled at America today, going from a color-blind society back to segregation…

Customer service and compassion seem to have gone by the wayside these days, reminded us of this article from SomethingAwful… Here’s part 2

“We tend to compare the ‘behind the scenes’ reel of our lives against the ‘highlight reel’ of others’ lives…” – Unknown

A surprise party fail caught on Ring

Hoovie’s Garage is looking to collect a fleet of silver BMWs, here’s the X5, M5, and the M3.

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