It’s All Bullsh*t

It’s All Bullsh*t

NASCAR is going after trademark violators using the “Let’s Go Brandon” phrase, claims they don’t want to be associated with politics. Yet they praised Bubba Wallace’s BLM race car & social justice….

Aaron Rodgers gets fined over $14,000 for violating Covid-19 protocols, Ice Cube walks away from $9mil paycheck refusing to get vaccine for movie…

Why replace him? Continue the story without him. Why hasn’t Roman learned his lesson anyway?

Will Ferrell did the right thing if the premise of Elf 2 was basically a rehash. Tell a new story! Expand the cinematic universe!

The armorer on the set of “Rust”, and various members of government really fit the definition of “diversity hire“. Choice should be more about the knowledge and capability of the person and not their genetic makeup. Benji Wyatt – Teen Mayor comes to mind…

A broken laser pointer was the first eBay sale! Here are 25 of the most-expensive items sold on eBay…

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