2-Pixel Christmas

2-Pixel Christmas

8-Bit Christmas is a pretty good film you should check out on HBO Max. It’s a kind of an updated A Christmas Story for the Gen-X crowd. Revolving around the most-coveted Christmas gift of the 1980’s – a Nintendo Entertainment System – Neil Patrick Harris’ character regales his daughter on how he came to get one and the adventures he and his friends & family had.

Michigan has adopted a law allowing school busses to be equipped with cameras to catch drivers who fail to stop when the bus’s flashing lights are operating. Texas has a similar law and has caught thousands of drivers…

If you haven’t heard of Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000 Hour Rule” here’s an explanation...

A law firm has come up with the total medical bills for Homer Simpson over the span of the show, it’s a BIG number…

I am sure we all wish that we had the same passion as ASMR painter, Bob Ross…

We would have to agree that Leia (Skywalker) Organa is the best character in the Star Wars franchise…

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