Five Fingers

(Meme attributed to anonymous poster)

Five Fingers

What happened at the Oscars last week reminded us of the Charlie Murphy story involving Rick James...

Was apprehensive being a Seth MacFarlane show, but actually enjoyed the series. Can’t wait for season 3 to begin in June!

We are sure the ticket sales are surging because they hope to hear Chris’ story of what happened before/after the incident…

South Korea upholds ban on tattooing, claiming that only medical professionals are able to safely do them.

The Black Crows former drummer is suing the band for unpaid royalties, but cannot specify how much he is owed

1 in 5 Americans have dabbled in cryptocurrency, I’ve got some Shiba Inu, just a little north of 709k (or about $23 worth)…

After a mandatory 71 years, the census records from 1950 will be released to the public digitally. Should be an interesting read…

One specimen of moon dust collected by Neil Armstrong NOT in the hands of the government will go up for auction at an estimate of $1.2mil. The owner sued the government to successfully retain ownership of it.

After more than 20 years, we finally have a complete map of the human genome

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